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Astronix Fund

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Mary Walker10

7 months ago

Be careful trading online

Trading online, could be crypto, forex or options will always have its risks. They are not all scams, but maybe 99%. When I had an issue where I lost close to $300k through a scam, initially I lost hope and was broken. I'm glad I found help, I worked with a reliable professional who made sure I got back everything I lost. Reach out to me if you in similar situation.
Marywalker7501 {at} gmail dot com

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Ave Maria

7 months ago

Fake company with fake Promises

Fake company with fake Promises, everything about them if fraudulent they just want to steal your money

Overview presents itself as an online trading broker, but it has been widely flagged for dubious activities:

Allegations of Scam:

Multiple users have labeled as a scam, describing the company and its associates as untrustworthy.
Complaints include accusations of fraudulent behavior and warnings against making any deposits, as all contact details and the website are alleged to be fake.
High Minimum Deposit Requirements:

Astronix Fund has notably high minimum deposit requirements, starting at $10,000 for a Bronze account, rising to $25,000 for a Silver account, with even higher thresholds for other account types.
Unregulated Operations:

The platform is unregulated, meaning it operates without the oversight of any recognized financial regulatory bodies, increasing the risk for investors.
Low Trust Score:

According to Scamadviser, has a very low trust score, suggesting high risks associated with the website.
Company Information:

Astronix Fund claims to be located in London, UK, and provides contact details via phone and email.
Due to the concerns raised, potential users are advised to exercise extreme caution and conduct thorough research before engaging with the platform.
Given these points, appears to be a high-risk platform with numerous red flags suggesting potential scam operations. Users are advised to approach with caution and consider safer, more reputable trading alternatives

This CritiScore review provides a comprehensive overview, assessing whether Astronix Fund is legit or a scam, and offers insights into Astronix Fund's performance.

Date published: 11th December, 2023