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Roman Halaetsky

6 months ago

My honest review of Bika

I'm extremely dissatisfied due to the unexplained freezing of my funds. Despite numerous attempts to reach their customer support for clarity and assistance, my efforts have been met with unsatisfactory responses, causing considerable frustration. Given my trust in Bika Exchange with my funds, their lack of transparency and communication is unacceptable. Based on my negative experience, I advise caution to anyone considering using Bika Exchange and suggest exploring other exchanges that prioritize customer satisfaction and support.

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Susie Bell

6 months ago

Don't trade here

I won't advice anyone to go ahead and invest with them, very shady site that practices selective scamming. From my personal experience, I lost all the money I invested, they are very easy to deposit but they never letting you take your money out. Just another one of those shady companies that take advantage of customers.
Lucky for me I found a Recovery Expert who made sure I got back everything I lost including profits. Don't hesitate to reach out to me to refer you for help if you've also lost money online in a smilar way; Susiebell2009 {at} gmail, dot com

Overview appears to be a highly suspicious and potentially unsafe investment platform. Several red flags raise concerns about its legitimacy and the safety of funds deposited with them. Firstly, is not a licensed or regulated platform, which is a significant warning sign. The lack of regulation means there's no oversight or protection for users' investments, making it a risky choice for anyone considering putting their money into it.

Moreover, the site has been flagged for not being transparent about its operations and creating unrealistic expectations for investors. Promises of high returns with little to no risk are common tactics used by scam platforms to lure in unsuspecting victims. The fact that the platform operates anonymously, with no clear information about who runs it, only adds to the concerns. The website's owner is hidden, and the platform is known to be associated with other websites that have low trust scores. It's important to exercise extreme caution and preferably avoid dealing with platforms like that exhibit these characteristics

This CritiScore review provides a comprehensive overview, assessing whether BIKA is legit or a scam, and offers insights into BIKA's performance.

Date published: 21st January, 2024