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5 months ago

Be careful investing here

CoinGOBL is a scam and I advice everyone to stay far away from them, it’s easy to get scammed while dealing with these fake companies and their paid reviews. Regardless, I'm relieved because all the money I lost has been recovered, thanks to an expert. Just know you can always write me if you have lost money in similar situation with these type of companies and need help getting it all back; Chelseamathers852 {at} gmail_, com

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Robert D. Meade

5 months ago

CoinGOBL is nothing but a scam

CoinGOBL is nothing but a scam. The scam begins with joining a WhatsApp group called "A22-Wealth Builder's Club," often through misleading ads. The group, appearing knowledgeable, educates members about contract trading and directs them to deposit funds into, a legitimate platform. They then guide members to transfer funds to for contract trading, gaining trust along the way. Initially, members see profits, as in the case where an investment grew from $1,000 to $1,722. However, when attempts are made to withdraw funds, issues arise.

The group also promotes a high-investment strategy called the "Falcon Project," requiring minimum investments of $30,000 to $100,000, which many members, enticed by initial profits, fund by draining their retirement accounts or borrowing against home equity. Yet, when they try to withdraw their profits, prevents it, offering various excuses.

Eventually, those questioning or challenging the system, like the person recounting this experience, find themselves banned from the group and their CoinGOBL accounts disabled. This suggests that the group is conducting a large-scale scam, potentially involving millions or even billions of dollars, as many members make substantial investments. The intention of sharing this account is to warn others about the scam.

Overview, a crypto platform for investment and forex trading, raises several red flags about its legitimacy and safety. Key concerns include its operation as an unregulated broker, meaning it doesn't follow standard financial regulations to protect investors, increasing the risk of financial losses. Despite its user-friendly appearance, investigations suggest possible fraudulent activities and misleading claims about being a regulated U.S. company. The platform's low trust score further indicates potential risks. Additionally,'s strategies may be aimed at misappropriating user funds, likening it to other dubious websites. Caution is advised when considering for investment, given its questionable regulatory status and the inherent risks in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

This CritiScore review provides a comprehensive overview, assessing whether CoinGOBL is legit or a scam, and offers insights into CoinGOBL's performance.


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