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Mary Walker10

4 months ago

Really easy to get scammed, be careful

Very easy to get scammed when trying to trade online, always do your due diligence before investing


Overview of is an online platform that has been identified as a potential fraudulent scheme:


The platform is strongly recommended to be avoided as it is labeled a fraudulent scheme.
Any investments made with carry a high risk, and users are advised to be cautious.
Operational Concerns: has been active for a relatively short period, approximately 77 days, and during this time, it has shown signs of running an investment scam.
The website lacks essential elements like customer service contact information and a phone number, raising questions about its transparency and user support.
Website Presentation:

A closer inspection of the site shows that many pages are still under construction, containing generic content and placeholder text, which is often a red flag for lack of professionalism and potential illegitimacy.
In summary, exhibits several concerning characteristics indicative of a scam. Users are advised to exercise extreme caution and consider the risks before engaging with or investing in this platform

This CritiScore review provides a comprehensive overview, assessing whether CoinStackSlot is legit or a scam, and offers insights into CoinStackSlot's performance.

Date published: 18th December, 2023