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Drew Barry

11 days ago

Cytpe.AI is a fraudulent platform

Dickie Chwy connected with me on LinkedIn in March 2024, claiming to be an AI Analyst at NVIDIA. He directed me to chat via WhatsApp and convinced me to open an account on He then guided me to transfer my funds to the Cytpe.AI Cryptocurrency Trading Platform, promising profitable short-term trades. However, the platform was a scam, and my funds, nearly $9,000, became inaccessible. My bank flagged the suspicious transactions and reported Cytpe.AI to the FBI. Further investigation revealed that scammers posing as NVIDIA employees phished victims via LinkedIn.

Cytpe.AI is a fraudulent platform that manipulates investors into transferring money they can't recover. Stay cautious and verify the legitimacy of investment sites.

Overview claims to be the most secure Cryptocurrency Trading Platform. Unfortunately CritiScore has received one too many user reports from customers complaining of their money being held. Worst part they still request more in a claim to get you to keep investing.

Trust Score: Cytpe.AI received a low trust score suggesting suspicious activity.

Issues Identified: Complaints include unresponsive customer service, inability to withdraw funds, and concerns about the website's legitimacy.

Website Analysis: The site appears poorly designed with suspicious connections and limited information available about its ownership.

This CritiScore review provides a comprehensive overview, assessing whether Cytpe AI is legit or a scam, and offers insights into Cytpe AI's performance.

Date published: 10th May, 2024