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Elwallets aka Cryptolly

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In our thorough examination of aka Cryptolly, we've uncovered several critical issues that potential users should be aware of. This platform, which offers online trading and investment opportunities, shows multiple signs of being a high-risk and potentially fraudulent operation. Below are key points from our findings:

Unregulated and Potentially Illegal Activities is not regulated, which is a significant red flag. Operating without regulation means there's no oversight to ensure fair practices, putting your investments at serious risk​``【oaicite:4】``​.

False Claims and Deceptive Practices

The platform has made unrealistic promises and employs tactics that are often seen in scam operations, like aggressive marketing and unclear risk disclosures​``【oaicite:3】``​.

Lack of Transparency

There's a worrying lack of transparency regarding the platform's operations and staff, which raises questions about its legitimacy​``【oaicite:2】``​.

Issues with Withdrawals

Users have reported problems withdrawing their funds, a common issue with scam brokers. This includes changing platform identity and website URLs, making it hard for users to access their accounts or contact the platform​``【oaicite:1】``​.

Negative User Reviews

There are numerous negative reviews from users who have had adverse experiences, further suggesting fraudulent activities​``【oaicite:0】``​.

Conclusion: Considering these significant concerns, we strongly advise caution with If you've already been involved with this platform and faced issues, it's recommended to seek legal help and report the matter to financial authorities.

This CritiScore review provides a comprehensive overview, assessing whether Elwallets aka Cryptolly is legit or a scam, and offers insights into Elwallets aka Cryptolly's performance.

Date published: 5th January, 2024