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7 months ago

Sorry this happened

If you were a victim I believe you should should report it, but most Cybercrime authorities and law enforcement will only log a complaint, at best build a case against that company and most people would rather not deal with LE. With most of these fake companies you should use a professional recovery service, write me if you need a referral. Chelseamathers852 {at} gmail dot com

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7 months ago

Based on this report, EXMU is not safe.

A user reported falling victim to a "Pig-Butchering" scam on Nov. 20th, 2023, losing $466,000 USD. The scam began with a message on Instagram from a user named "tx_newcowboy" (Alan), who engaged in a relationship with the victim, moving conversations to WhatsApp. Alan, who claimed to be a businessman from China living in the US, built a rapport, discussing personal histories and future aspirations. He introduced the victim to cryptocurrency trading through platforms like Coinbase and, instructing them on trades and convincing them to make substantial financial investments.

The victim, trusting Alan, transferred large sums of money to what they believed were legitimate trading platforms. However, they were later unable to withdraw their funds, facing demands for tax payments and encountering account freezes. Realizing the deception too late, the victim was left with significant debts and emotional trauma. The scammer, maintaining a consistent and convincing character throughout the relationship, eventually ceased all communication, leaving the victim to grapple with the financial and emotional aftermath of the scam. The victim has since been in contact with the US Secret Service and is attempting to track the stolen funds through blockchain analysis.

Overview or is an online platform that has raised significant concerns regarding its legitimacy and safety:

Suspicious Website Identification:

CritiScore has identified both and as a suspicious website, which raises doubts about its safety and reliability. This indicates a high level of risk associated with the website and warns that it should only be used by experienced users.
While the website has an HTTPS security protocol, this alone is not always indicative of a secure or legitimate site.
Concerns of Being a Scam:

As a low trust site and suggests it is suspicious, further indicating potential risks of scam activities associated with the platform.
In summary, has been flagged by various online safety and scam detection platforms as suspicious and potentially unsafe. Its very low trust score and identification as a suspicious site warrant caution from users. Potential users or visitors to are advised to thoroughly research and verify the site's credibility before engaging with it​​​​​​.

This CritiScore review provides a comprehensive overview, assessing whether EXMU is legit or a scam, and offers insights into EXMU's performance.

Date published: 13th December, 2023