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7 months ago

I believe you should should report

If you were a victim of this company, I believe you should should report it, but most Cybercrime authorities and law enforcement will only log a complaint, at best build a case against that company and most people would rather not deal with LE. With most of these fake companies you should use a professional recovery service, they are faster and you're sure to get your money back. Write me if you need a referral for the one that helped me. Chelseamathers852 at gmail dot com

Overview, also known as Finance Stock Inc., is an online trading broker platform that has raised significant concerns:

Poor Trust Scores and High Risk Indicators:

The website has received a very low trust score, with Scamdoc giving it only 1%.
Scam Detector has highlighted a concerning threat profile for, with scores of 29/100 for threat, 30/100 for phishing, and 26/100 for malware, all indicative of potential risks​​​​.
Regulatory Warnings:

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) in Canada has issued warnings regarding Finance Stock Inc. This implies that the platform may have engaged in activities that do not comply with financial regulatory standards​​.
Given these points, appears to be a high-risk platform with several red flags. The combination of low trust scores, high threat and phishing scores, and regulatory warnings suggests that the site might be involved in fraudulent activities or scams. Potential users are advised to approach this platform with extreme caution and to consider safer, more reputable, and regulated alternatives for their trading needs.

This CritiScore review provides a comprehensive overview, assessing whether Finance Stock Inc is legit or a scam, and offers insights into Finance Stock Inc's performance.

Date published: 25th December, 2023