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6 months ago

Investors should take caution before investing

Investors are urged to exercise caution with the website after a serious incident of investment fraud was reported. An individual was deceived into transferring significant sums of money into cryptocurrency investments through Forex5, following advice received from a new contact on WhatsApp. Initially, the victim invested $40,000, which was followed by an additional $110,000 drawn from personal savings and loans under the guise of lucrative trades.

The situation escalated when the investor was unable to withdraw their supposed profits of $300,000 without first repaying a loan to Forex5. After doing so, they were informed their account was frozen by a fictitious regulatory authority and subsequently lost access completely when they threatened legal action. This alarming case highlights the dangers of unverified online investment advice and underscores the importance of due diligence. Those with similar experiences or information on are encouraged to report to authorities to aid in the prevention of such scams.

Overview has been identified as a highly questionable and potentially unsafe forex trading platform. Several key red flags have been raised about its operations. Firstly, it lacks proper regulation, which is a crucial aspect of any legitimate financial service provider. This lack of regulation means there's no oversight or protection for users' funds, posing a significant risk to investors.

Additionally, has been reported to have issues with transparency. The absence of clear, verifiable information about the company, including its history and contact details, is concerning. This lack of transparency makes it difficult to trust the platform with personal and financial information.

Moreover, there are several complaints from users regarding's operations. These include difficulties in withdrawing funds, unauthorized trades being made on users' accounts, and poor customer support responses. Such complaints further undermine the credibility of as a reliable trading platform.

Given these factors, caution is advised if considering using It's always recommended to choose platforms that are regulated and have a transparent track record.

This CritiScore review provides a comprehensive overview, assessing whether Forex5 is legit or a scam, and offers insights into Forex5's performance.

Date published: 26th January, 2024