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Rose fountain

2 months ago

Scam site

All my hopes demolished just because I trusted this Scam site

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2 months ago

Wish I read reviews before trading here

They took advantage of me and stole everything, wish I never traded here. They locked me out of my account and wouldn't let me withdraw the $200k I invested. It was really hard, couldn't maintain my mortgage and had to sell my house. With help from a Professional, I was able to get back all my money. Reach out to me for help, if you’re facing the same things. Marywalker7501 {at} gmail dot com

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3 months ago

I was tricked and scammed

I was tricked by a scammer using a friend's hacked Facebook account to promote a fake cryptocurrency platform. After setting up an account and transferring Bitcoin, I was asked to pay a commission up front for withdrawals, leading me to discover the scam when I finally contacted the real owner of the compromised account.


Gleamer Trade ( is a crypto investment platform offering diversified portfolios for both individual and institutional investors. It emphasizes strong security, global coverage, and multiple payment options, aiming to empower investors in navigating the complexities of cryptocurrencies for wealth creation and financial growth. The platform features investment plans with various minimum and maximum investment thresholds, catering to a wide range of investors. Gleamer Trade prides itself on transparency, expertise, and a commitment to providing comprehensive investment solutions.

Unfortunately some customers have reported of being scammed by, CritiScore advices users to stay away from unregulated brokers and exchanges.

This CritiScore review provides a comprehensive overview, assessing whether Gleamer Trade is legit or a scam, and offers insights into Gleamer Trade's performance.

Date published: 3rd February, 2024



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