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Gold One

8 months ago

Don't make the same mistakes I made

Wish I never traded here, they locked me out of my account and wouldn't let me withdraw the money I invested. It was really hard, couldn't maintain my mortgage and had to sell my house. With help from a Professional, I was able to get back all my money. Reach out to me for help, if you’re facing the same issues. Jocelynbridges090 {at} gmail, com

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Robert D. Meade

8 months ago

Scam scam scam!!!!

I was contacted on September 17th 2023 on WhatsApp and the individual introduced herself as Eliza Harper at 909-461-2427 with Gaggi Media for a freelancer job opportunity and I was connected to Liya number 332-699-0586 and was provided information about the job which is to help major hotels around the world to optimize data and rating to get 5 five star reviews, occupancy rates to attract tourists for and The job is to complete 2-3 group of tasks everyday, each package has 30 tasks which are hotel reservations or bookings. I was not informed that I needed to make deposits but when I ran into a negative balance I was told I needed to recharge by sending crypto to the merchant address and once task is completed I withdraw the funds including commission earned for competing tasks. This didn't add up so I did research to see if there was any similar situation reported with BBB and I didn't find any reports so I proceeded with hopes to get funds back once task is completed. The negative number increased to $2600 and when I questioned I was assured by trainer, customer service and members of the chat group consisting 24 members that I was lucky to get a combination task which will yield high commission. Then came a 3rd and a 4th $7800 & $10000, at this point I asked to cancel tasks and refund the funds keep the commission, because I could not afford the funds needed and was no longer interested, but I was told I could only withdraw funds once I have recharged and completed. I advised to get a loan from bank and I'll get funds back to pay back loan. That which I did because I was already invested and just wanted to get it over and done with and leave the site because this was not suitable to me. Lo and behold after all that I am stuck because I am now being told that I need to pay taxes of 30% on the account balance before I can withdraw funds. When I questioned I was told it is just a process and merchant will refund taxes. I paid the taxe for $7222 and requested a withdrawal so I could walk away. But got an error that my credit score was below 100 so I reached out to the customer service 332-272-5010 just be given yet another run around that because I took too long to complete task my score dropped to 99% and it needs to be restored before I can request withdrawal and a score is worth $10,0000. There is a rules and regulations tab on the website which has kayak trademark and none of this is stated There is a group chat on WhatsApp with 24 participants claiming to doing same work for kayak I have all chat saved with associated phone numbers. websites that have been used include And numbers being used as customer service are +1 (332) 272-5562 +1 (332) 272-1285 +1 (332) 910-3063 +1 (332) 272-5010 Email The physical address given when I requested is 7 Market Street Stamford, CT 06902


Another fake, pig butchering scam looking to take advantage of unsuspecting Traders. Always do your due diligence and avoid unregulated Brokers and Exchanges

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