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Susan Bell

4 months ago

I recommend

Great platform for all my trading

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5 months ago

Quick and Excellent Service

Eva was great and quick with her response time and help.

She was accommodating and concise while still keeping a helpful and pleasant demeanor. At no point was there any over excessive complicated instructions or terse demands.

Excellent service.

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S. Bell

5 months ago

Newton support rocks!

A few days ago, I logged into Newton to exchange some CAD for ETH. When I clicked "Trade", all that showed up was a blank screen! I tried several different browsers, several different computers (even a public one at a local library) and friends. My account always led to a blank screen but when a friend tried it, her account worked fine, but my account led to a blank screen even on her computer!

Support guided my to a temporary fix so I could get my transaction completed, then showed me how to collect diagnostic information that the programmers needed. Once the weekend was over, I checked and the problem was fixed.

Thanks for your support, Newton!

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