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NYSE Treats

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Roman Halaetsky

5 months ago

Scammed by this Fake trading Platform

Like many others, I encountered a seemingly legitimate trading platform that promised significant returns on investments. Unfortunately, it became clear that this was a well-organized scam, and I have reasons to believe it is part of a larger, long-standing operation.

Overview is implicated in a cryptocurrency scam, falsely portraying itself as a legitimate trading site for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Initiated by individuals, such as "Antonina Hrytsyuk," through professional networks, the scam starts with friendly conversations that gradually pivot to personal hardships and cryptocurrency investments. The scammer, often sharing emotional stories to gain trust, subtly introduces and then forcefully encourages investment in the platform.

Victims are enticed to invest on, which deceptively shows profits on small investments to motivate larger financial commitments. As investments increase, so does the pressure to add more funds, often leading victims to exhaust their savings or incur debts. The scam typically escalates to a point where victims cannot withdraw their funds due to technical issues, unexpected tax demands, or direct refusal by the platform.

In essence, uses emotional manipulation and false promises of profit to defraud individuals, employing sophisticated tactics to build trust and extract significant investments.

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