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Jan Tanko

5 months ago

Another Crypto Exchange scam

There is absolutely NO chance that this is legitimate. NONE. ZERO.

And the “woman” is not the definitely pretty definitely young probably Asian woman that contacted you. “She“ may not even be female. You may not even be talking to the same person each time.

She’ll go cold and get mad at you for questioning her honesty when you are hesitant to “invest”. She’ll even offer to put in her own money. It doesn’t matter because there is no investment, anything you send will be stolen and any web page or dashboard that tracks your investments is faked.

Overview presents itself as a cryptocurrency exchange platform but has been flagged for several concerns. It is an unregulated platform, which is a significant red flag as unregulated investment platforms often operate anonymously and are prone to shutting down, potentially jeopardizing user investments. Initial impressions may suggest that it is user-friendly, akin to other online exchanges, but a closer examination reveals a lack of legitimacy and several indicators that it could be a fraudulent operation.

The platform has garnered a very low trust score, suggesting a high likelihood of being a scam. This has led to it being labeled as a scam broker, with clients reportedly seeking recovery services after engaging with it. Given these warnings and the high risk associated with unregulated platforms, extreme caution is advised when considering any interaction with

This CritiScore review provides a comprehensive overview, assessing whether SERO EX is legit or a scam, and offers insights into SERO EX's performance.

Date published: 8th December, 2023