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Drew Barry

about 1 month ago

This is a scam

I initially invested $20,000, making it clear that was all I had. Soon after, they asked for a bitcoin to start things off. As time went on, they kept pushing me for more investment, despite my constant reminders that I had nothing more to give. Then, out of nowhere, I received an email demanding my bank details and Social Security number for 'account verification.' Feeling uneasy, I contacted my representative to voice my concerns about their lack of transparency and insistence on sensitive information.

I insisted on getting my initial investment back, only to be told to reach out the first week of March. When I tried their support team, I got no response, and many links on their website were broken. I communicated to Darein, my point of contact, that they could keep any profits if they would just refund my initial $20,000. Instead of understanding, he accused me of skepticism and dragged the conversation out with endless excuses. Ultimately, they refused to return my funds unless I provided my personal and banking information, even though they had no problem accepting my bitcoin through a digital wallet. A friend in the same situation confirmed they were experiencing similar issues.


After much analysis on (as well as , CritiScore has identified several red flags that suggest caution is warranted before engaging with this site. The anonymity of the site's owner is a typical warning sign, as it's a common practice among those looking to avoid detection in scam operations. Furthermore, the website's recent setup is alarming because many fraudulent platforms are quickly created to scam individuals before being closed down or disappearing.

The platform is hosted on servers shared with other dubious sites, which adds to the concern. Another point of worry is the low traffic to the site, suggesting it does not have a broad user base, which is unusual for legitimate investment sites. The absence of any social media links or a digital footprint makes it difficult to verify the authenticity and operations of the business.

Given these factors, our advice at CritiScore is to proceed with extreme caution. If you're considering using for investment purposes, thorough independent verification and additional research are essential. Remember, genuine investment opportunities are typically transparent and verifiable. Avoid committing funds to platforms that show common signs of potential online financial scams.

This CritiScore review provides a comprehensive overview, assessing whether Trade-Autocopy is legit or a scam, and offers insights into Trade-Autocopy's performance.

Date published: 12th April, 2024


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